Who Are We?

The Columbia Headwaters Community Forest (CHWCF) is an incorporated society that seeks to establish and manage a Community Forest within the Columbia Headwaters region. The CHWCF’s mandate focuses on sustainable forest management driven by local input and decision-making to maximize benefits and opportunities for adjacent communities. Our vision statement is:

Land managed locally for social, ecological, economic and spiritual sustainability resulting in both monetary and non-monetary benefits for the community.

What is a Community Forest?

Community forests are locally defined by the communities in which they reside. In general, community forests offer community control and stewardship over local forest resources. Community forest operations are typically managed by a local government, community association or First Nation. Benefits of a community forest include economic development and local employment, as well as local management of important resources such as watersheds, viewscapes or wildfire management.

In British Columbia, community forests are most often established through a Community Forest Agreement. This form of tenure is long–term (25-99 years); area-based; and includes the opportunity to manage and profit from other forest resources such as non-timber forest products, recreation, wildlife, water and scenic viewscapes.