Criteria for
Columbia Headwaters Community Forest Area

  1. Contains a watershed that is an important water resource for the community.
  2. Contains viewscapes which are critical to or highly valued by the community
  3. Contains fire interface forests where management could have significant bearing on the communities’ wildfire risk.
  4. Contains areas over which the community demonstrates a special sense.


The area within the proposed Columbia Headwaters Community Forest boundary was selected through community input as a high priority area for management under a community forest designation.

The proposed boundary of the Community Forest is within the Invermere Timber Supply Area (TSA) and includes municipalities of Radium Hot Springs, Invermere and Canal Flats, as well as the RDEK areas F and G governed communities including Fairmont, Windermere, Wilmer, Edgewater and Panorama. Two First Nations are within the region; Shuswap First Nation and Akisqnuk First Nation. The area covers approximately 164,000 hectares.

The Community Forest area has a population of approximately eight thousand residents, with a much higher seasonal population due to the popularity of the area with part-time residents and cottage owners.

Tracts of forest included in the Community Forest area were selected by the steering committee based on four key criteria developed through community input. The proposed area targets sites with a high priority for management under a community forest designation. A study of the Community Forest area statistics completed in 2010 using data compiled for the District of Invermere's Timber Supply Review (TSR) III shows that the area is capable of sustaining an annual harvest of 45,000 m3.