Chef Actions in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Initially derived from consultations with 130+ chefs from 38 countries in 2017, the Chefs’ Manifesto Action Plan is a framework which consists of practical actions chefs can take to contribute towards achieving the UN SDGs by 2030. 

Through workshops and focus groups with chefs explaining and discussing the 17 SDGs – particularly SDG2: Zero Hunger – the Action Plan was created by chefs, for chefs. It is clustered under the 8 thematic areas that chefs decided they were most passionate about tackling.

In the Action Plan, highlighted are the SDGs which are principally relevant to each thematic area. But, as with the SDGs, the actions are interlinked – progress against one often leads to progress against others! 

There is a lot of great activity happening already. Our hope at the SDG2 Advocacy Hub is to facilitate pathways that will help chefs take action and inspire others; showcase their work; share ideas and best practice; and point the way to useful resources and initiatives. This information is housed in action pages linked in the title of each thematic area.

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